The Ultimate Secret to Decorating your Home with Dried Flowers

There’s something about dried flowers. Their rustic aura is enough to transform the very vibe of a place. While the fresh ones wilt away with time, dried flowers are a testament to beauty after life. The everlasting effect that these can have on the aesthetic of your home is beyond imagination. Born out of sheer hard work, efforts, and passion for flowers and their life beyond materialistic existence, dried flowers are a product of genuine love for nature. Although a bit on the expensive side, these gorgeous and low maintenance flowers are worth all the money and could be just what you’re looking for in your home. Want to know our secret to decorating homes with dried flowers? Well, how about we help you out and show you what’s in store for you in the world of everlasting flowers? 

Here are our secret dried flower arrangements that can take your home interior game up a notch. 

  1. We love them packed and popping! 

Terrariums pop out beautifully and so do bouquets and ceramic vases. Who said they have to have just the fresh flowers gracing them? Dried flowers crown the glory of terrariums and bouquets in a way that one could not have expected. The rustic look of the dried flowers blended with a bit of random colours make up for a vision that is easy on the eyes. These terrariums, vases, and bouquets can be placed in your special corners of the home and transform the aesthetic with their rugged-yet-aesthetic charm. Dried flowers in Sydney are on the top of our favourites list.

  1. Vases for the Win 

Are you a minimalist? Well, even if you’re not, this dried flower hack will leave you wanting to be one. Simply getting a ceramic vase or a planter to keep in your favourite corners at home works like magic. Well, not alone. Stuff the vase with dried flowers like pampas, cotton stems, and wheatgrass and assemble them  into a beautiful dried flower bouquet. While you can do this yourself too, how about getting your dried flowers delivered by us and see the magic we can whip for you? You can even comment in the end and tell us all about your favourite kinds and we’ll have them ready for you. 

  1. Wreath of the best 

Who says it has to be Christmas to get your doors decorated with wreaths? Chuck the plain Jain wreaths and weave yourself one made out of dried flowers. Trust us, the transformed look will have your mind blown. Be it dried lavender or roses for springtime joy, pampas or even a collection of greens and colours to give you the moody autumn vibe, dried flowers make up for a stunning ensemble for your door with their super charming rustic vibe. 

Brownie points to them for being ideal to be used again in the next season, if need be. Amazing, right? 

  1. Frame it up! 

When you can freeze your memories in photographs, why not freeze your flowers in a frame too? After all, things that are everlasting have a way of tugging at your heart strings. Dried flowers can be pressed and framed to put on the walls of your home. 

What makes this DIY practice special is that these frames hold a sentimental value because of the occasion and person that the flowers in them are associated with. Dried flowers delivery is easy and smooth, so rest assured you’ll enjoy the entire process of whipping these frames up and decorating your walls with them. Trust us, it looks classy, chic and elegant. 

  1. The hanging aura 

Dried flower bouquets could even be put to the kind of use that is absolutely bewitching. Wondering what? Well, anyone can up their home decor game by collecting dried flower bouquets together and hanging them as a statement decor piece. A simple wooden bar that lets them hold on to us enough to get that whole charmingly rugged vibe going on. To add a pop of colours to the ensemble, you can even use roses, hydrangeas or even peonies and watch the hanging transform into a pretty wholesome piece of aesthetic. 

Although people love flowers that are associated with a certain kind of aroma and texture, dried flowers have their own special charm that comes as a package. 

Our dried flowers in Sydney are whipped into bouquets that when used as a part of your home decor, elevate the aesthetic and make your humble abode look like it’s right out of a magazine. 

Check our collection and decide for yourself. Rest assured, it’ll promise you an everlasting pact with joys of life and beyond. 

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