Make Your Partner Feel Loved by Gifting Them Extravagant Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, bringing love, joy, and a reason to celebrate for all the couples out there. It is a day to express your feelings towards your partner and make them feel special. We often get butterflies in our stomach when it comes to expressing our love towards our partner, right?


As the season of love is here, we bet you must be wondering how to surprise your boo with the best gifts and unique gestures! How about we tell you that you can gift your partner the best flowers for Valentine’s Day for those extra pats on the back?


Casa De Flores is a leading and premium florist in Sydney, with unique floral designs inspired by culture and beauty from all around the globe! We believe that flowers are a perfect language of love and care and are a quintessential way to make your partner feel special this Valentine’s Day!


Want to know more about how you can make this day special? Read all about extravagant flowers for Valentine’s Day for your loved one.


Flowers: The Language of Love


Have you ever thought about what one flower said to the other on Valentine’s Day? It’s a budding romance!

Flowers symbolise love, affection, and care. They speak for us when we fall short of words. Shakespeare used flowers and plants to symbolise love, affection, and fondness.

  1. Colombian Premium Red Roses

Don’t we all resonate with the classic red roses for Valentine’s Day? Well, it is true as they are an everlasting token of love. Do you know why? That’s because we ‘beleaf’ in them! *PunIntended*


They are a boundless expression of elegance and purity. So how about spoiling your special one with Colombian premium red roses this Valentine’s Day? Grown in Colombia’s most fertile areas, they are an aesthetic bunch of red roses that are a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day for your partner! If premium and fresh Colombian flowers is what you are looking for this Valentine’s Day, then Casa De Flores is just for you!

  1. Gypsy

Gypsies are exquisite and aesthetic flowers that can grab the receiver’s attention in the most subtle way. When it comes to romance and making your sweetheart feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, Gypsy flowers are the way to go!

  1. Oriental Lilies

Lilies symbolise purity and beauty. Theybring love and versatility with them and are one of the best ways to express your love. They are a bunch of extravagant flowers that can lift your partner’s mood! This Valentine’s Day, surprise your special one with an exuberant bunch of lilies and tell them you love them a ‘lily’ more every day! At Casa De Flores, our experts handpick fresh and premium lilies, carefully delivering them with same-day delivery at your doorstep!

  1. Mum Flowers

Short form of Chrysanthemums and one of Asia’s authentic flowers, Mums are among the most elegant flowers of the Fall season with a unique petal shape and lovely colours. With their mesmerising fragrance and beauty, they for sure put smiles on people’s faces and can make them feel loved. This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner these lovely buds in bouquets styled by the experts of Casa De Flores!

  1. Orchids

When in doubt, go for Orchids! Exclusively found in tropical areas, Orchids are one of the most treasured flowers to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day! Phalaenopsis orchids are a symbol of purity, love, strength, and innocence. Style your orchids in customised bouquets just how you like themand tell your partner,”I want to be y-orchid”, and gift them as a symbol of love this Valentine’s Day!


This Valentine’s Day put your best foot forward and show your special one how much they mean to you with some lovely flowers. At Casa De Flores, we work towards bringing these handpicked and gorgeous flowers to you to help you show your love and affection towards your special one.

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