Tips to Care for your Dried Flowers

We’re sure you must be very aware of all the places where you can find dried flowers in Sydney. We’re also sure you must be absolutely in love with their golden rustic charm. However, dried flower bouquets or even just a tiny pretty bundle of dried flowers needs optimum care for a life that is laden with beauty till its very end. 

Well, apart from the perfect dried flower delivery that we put on a platter for you, we also care about them above and beyond its sale. Here are a few tips for you to care for your dried flowers and have them make everyone fall in love with them. 

  1. Never put your dried flowers in water 

Remember that these are not your regular blooming flowers or plants. Dried flowers turn brittle and grow mould in them if they are put in water. Make sure that you place your dry flowers in dry vases or pottery vessels. After all, what’s the point of everlasting beauty beyond life if one simply subjects it to such an end. Are we right or are we right? 

  1. Say no to direct sunlight 

Did you know dried flowers are naturally preserved? The very preservation tends to lighten the colours of the flowers gradually. You wouldn’t want that to happen in the blink of an eye, now would you? All you have to do is keep your dried flowers from getting exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight leads to faster discolouration of dried flowers. Therefore, it is imperative to keep these little bundles of joy away from your windows and skylights. 

  1. The drier the spot, the better 

In order to prevent your dried flowers from growing mould in them and getting their leaves and petals moist, it is extremely essential to keep them in a place where there’s no humidity and chances of getting exposed to water. Case in point, keep them away from laundry, bathrooms and kitchen to best care for your dried flowers. 

  1. Be gentle

It is natural for things to fall and break. So don’t fret if that happens to your dried flowers. Be gentle with your flowers and keep them in a spot where there’s as less disturbance as possible. And if you do come across your petals falling, collect them and keep them in a pouch to rub and smell later for a burst of scent. Trust us, it is very calming and reassuring. 

  1. Air and more air 

Dried flowers best thrive in a place where ventilation is on point. Ensure that your flowers are exposed to excellent airflow and minimum temperature fluctuations. You don’t have to go all out and put them on your window sills. However, it is not okay to put them in a damp room either. You can keep checking the stems of your flowers for any traces of moisture. Shift them to another vase if you find them exposed to humidity.

  1. Away from kids and pets

Place your dried flowers in places that are out of reach of kids and tiny fluffy animals. It is best to keep them from knocking or getting stuck in furry coats and things. Even better to prevent them from ending up in little mouths. Remember they are not edible! 

  1. Compressed air is your best friend 

Since it is not advisable to keep them in open places that are susceptible to receiving direct sunlight, one has to compensate for the lack of air. Spray compressed air onto dried flowers to get rid of the dust. These cans of compressed air can be found in electronics shops. Make sure you don’t place the can very near to the flowers as it throws out dense air. Oh, and you can also use a hair dryer on the ‘no heat’ mode to dry out your flowers.

Here were a few hacks to maintain and nurture your dried flowers and we’re hoping this was helpful for you. Bottom line – less water, more air should be your mantra to enjoy the beauty of dried flowers for as long as you can. Furthermore, dried flowers in Sydney are lucky to have been in a weather that best supports their life. Win-win, right? 

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